To develop a personalized way to communicate standings and instil competition in the top 25 consultants – only the top 15 would make it into the Inner Circle. Five communications were to be sent, over a period of five weeks, each with a different personalized letter, and an image card to inspire results. 
As these communications were being sent to the top 25 financial consultants at a large national company, the packaging had to have a high-end, elevated feel. But because the audience was so small, I needed the ability to print individual, customized letters and qualifiers lists and include them with each mailing. My strategy was to pre-print a pattern on a high quality, uncoated paper stock, and leave the other side blank, to be run through a digital printer with the custom information. Labels were also sourced and pre-printed with the inner circle icon, then run through a digital printer to imprint the individual’s name. 

The ‘envelope’ when unfolded is a circle. This ties in to the theme of the “Inner Circle”, and when laying flat, the square cards fit perfectly in the center. This design was about a number of pieces coming together, and making sure they all worked in harmony. To further the idea of harmony, the damask pattern was used on both the outside of the envelope and the back of the square cards.  The envelope and the cards were pre-printed on a press, and then the card fronts were printed digitally for each of the five distributions. Once the envelope was folded onto itself, the custom sticker was used to secure the folds. ​​​​​​​
These cards were deemed a success and the base stock was used in subsequent years, for different destinations, saving the money and potential waste of a custom solution each year. 

My Production Manager, Claus Fritzsche worked with me to select the right stock. The logos were provided and the images were sourced from iStockPhoto. 
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